about the photographer

Hey I’m Jemma, I’m not sure anyone even reads these pages, but just in case here’s a little bit about me.

When I was little I used to love taking photos, I would use a small polaroid I got for christmas and run around clicking away at pretty much anything I deemed worthy (pretty much anything and anyone) and my parents would dispair at the cost of the film I was using.

I offically started Gwyther Photography in 2014 (fun fact Gwyther is my married name and according to google means “angry man” (ha!) I did not know this until a few years ago by which point it was to late to change.

I started the business when my eldest daughter was just 2 years old, I had re found my love for photography when she was born and I wanted to document every moment and I can honestly say it just went from there, and here we are 8 years later.

Now, the important bit, I have had training in baby posing & safety with some of the leading names in the industry, so you can rest assured your little ones are in safe hands. I am always striving to improve my skills and continue to do more training each year to learn more about what I love and to provide the best service to my wonderful clients. You can never know to much.

I have won various awards for for some of my work with SWPP & The National Photographic Society and I also work alongside a beautiful charity called The Butterfly Wishes Network that provide photography sessions for children with life limiting illnesses.

And I think thats it, I’ve blathered on enough, so take a look around the website and feel free to contact me
if you have any questions at all, I am always happy to help.

Jemma x